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Version 2.4 - 10/07/16: Now with 50% More Social Proof!

  • NEW Shows your friend's picture at signup screen if "it looks like you have a referral."
  • Fixes Better clearing of local notifications on Android, 11-digit phone numbers permitted into small box, only auto-signup on last name submit if a picture is picked.

Version 2.3.1 - 10/02/16: Find any "FrieND"

  • NEW Added case-insensitive search at restaurant to refer screen.
  • Fixes Better scrolling on iPhone at restaurant to refer screen.

Version 2.3 - 09/29/16: More Sharing. More Caring.

  • NEW It is now possible to be referred to somewhere you have shared.
  • Fixes Load contacts more smoothly on Android.

Version 2.2 - 09/23/16: Now for Android

  • NEW Android version released, added new user guides, extra bonus for new users.
  • Fixes Improved phone number verification.

Version 2.1 - 07/06/16: Smaller Yet Bigger

  • NEW Reduced file size, simplified settings menu, better delivery of referrals on signup.
  • Fixes None.

Version 2.0 - 06/27/16: Tell the world

  • NEW Removed Friends section. Users no longer have to be "friends" with someone one the app to send them a referral.
  • Fixes Improved map. Improved interface.

Version 1.1 - 01/18/16: Better. Faster. Stronger.

  • NEW Updated map. Cleaner interface.
  • Fixes Faster receipt uploads. Misc. small bug fixes.

Version 1.0 - 11/17/15: iPhone Version Launched

  • NEW Restado can be downloaded from the iTunes Store.
  • Fixes Launch Edition

Version 0.95 - 11/07/15: App in Private Testing Phase

  • NEW App is being tested in the field. Expect more fequent updates.
  • Fixes Too many to list...

Version 0.85 - 11/01/15: iPhone App Ready

  • NEW Security completed. User Settings implemented.
  • Fixes Too many to list...

Version 0.6 - 08/01/15: Alpha App Ready

  • NEW Security completed. Photo sharing ready.
  • Fixes Too many to list...

Version 0.2 - 07/06/15: In Development

  • NEW Implemented UI. No more placeholder images of Mario and the Princess.
  • Fixes Too many to list...