There are two ways to get rewarded:


Tell a friend about a restaurant

and get 4% of what they spend as a reward.


Try a new place your friend recommends

and get 4% back as a reward.

Restado Rewards You for Sharing Great Bars and Restaurants.


Use Restado To:

    Recommend Your Favorite Restaurants:

  • "After dining at a great restaurant it's fun to recommend it to my friends!"

  • Get Rewarded for Referrals:

  • "I was just sitting at home on my couch, and I got 4% of my friend's bill."

  • Receive Discounts When Trying New Places:

  • "I like that my friends get me a little discount just for trying restaurants they pick for me!"

  • Save Money Everywhere:

  • "I spent my credits on some delicious BBQ."