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Empower Your Customers to Refer Their Friends to Your Business.


Here's How It Works:

1. Customers Refer their Friends.
By pressing a few buttons on the Restado App your guests are able to easily recommend your business to their friends.


2. New Customers Come.

When that friend dines at your restaurant, both they and the person who referred them receive a credit for a portion of their bill.


3. You Make Money.
Now you're getting new returning customers through supercharged word-of-mouth marketing. All without lifting a finger.



restado mobile appDiscover Restado:

Restado is the word-of-mouth marketing platform owned and funded by restaurateurs, small business owners, and academics. Restado works for restaurants.

Quality Customers: Studies show referred customers spend more money and come back more often.


Excellent ROI: For every $100 you spend on Restado you’ll get at least $1,000 in new business.

No Upfront Costs: Unlike print ads, daily deals, or internet campaigns, you only pay Restado after it works.

Simple Pricing: There are no set up fees, no monthly minimums, and no hassles.


Restado is automatic and works between customers. The referral process doesn't require your staff's involvement or any changes to your POS system.


Simply add your business to Restado and get $10 in sales for every dollar spent.